Who We Are

Wicked Good Cause was founded in 2012 after a few moms and friends were moved by a series of heartbreaking local stories that were brought to their attention via social media and the news. Founding member Kristen Frazier jumped into action by organizing a collection of gift cards, funds, meals and support for various families in need of charity or awareness brought to their cause. Kristen’s generosity and spirit was infectious and inspiring which led to the question “what can we do as a community?”. Before long, an enthusiastic group of woman got together to put their volunteer efforts to good use leading to the launch of Wicked Good Cause. Throughout the year, persons or families in need will be carefully selected by the board to be the recipients of the contributions raised by the organization.


Wicked Good Central

Kristen Frazier: Chairman of Board  

Kim Leckie:  President

Jess Spagnoli: Vice President; Community Relations

Kelsey Leahy:  Treasurer

Rachel Casale:  Secretary

Jenny Leahy:  Marketing

Lindsay Belcher: Sponsorship

Gala Committee

Lori Barberia: Fundraising

Michelle Kelly: Marketing

Jess Spagnolli: Event Coordinator

Jen Cross: Volunteer Coordinator

Katie Gerstal & Allie Phalen: Flowers and Decoration

Aly Stadlemann: Video Production

Payton Connolly: Favors

Wicked Good Cause is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

PO Box 217A
Duxbury, MA 02331


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