This September, join Wicked Good Cause – a South-Shore based 501c3 organiza:on – as we GO WICKED GOLD to drive awareness and raise research funding for Pediatric Cancer, a disease that is on the rise yet is remains grossly underfunded.

Just like so many people wear pink in October, we want to see children across the South Shore going back to school in GOLD to help drive awareness for this terrible disease that impacts many families in our community.

Gekng started is simple! Sign your school up to be a GO WICKED GOLD school by registering below.  This will assure that we are able to support you with resources, provide key updates, highlight your efforts and answer your ques:ons!

There are many different ways that your school can participate. Here are just a few ideas that have been successful in the past:

  • Organize a GO WICKED GOLD Day and encourage students to wear gold to school and/or give students special privilege to wear gold/yellow hats to school that day.

  • Organize an assembly to teach kids why it is important that we drive awareness for pediatric cancer and empower them to know that they can help other kids! Wicked Good Cause can provide materials and participate.

  • Integrate gold-themed lessons into your Back to School classroom.

  • Get the National Honor Society, Student Council or other groups involved to organize fundraisers (e.g. sell gold ribbons or gold bracelets) with proceeds donated to the GO WICKED GOLD fundraising for pediatric cancer research and local families impacted by the disease. 

Wicked Good Cause is available to help develop a custom GO WICKED GOLD program for your school. For more information please email Jennifer Cross at

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