Our Impact

“At the heart of our organization is the belief that by coming together as a community to each do our small part, we can make a big impact,” said Ryan Flaim, former President of Wicked Good Cause. “This spirit is embodied by our former Wicked Good Cause recipients, many of whom are still fighting or healing from the impact of childhood cancer and have stepped up to help us spread the campaign across our communities. It is inspiring and humbling to see how determined these families are to do all that they can to help prevent other families from suffering the same hardships that they have faced.”



THOUSAND Dollars Raised

Our fundraising campaign efforts and support from our donors and sponsors have allowed us to raise a tremendous amount of money over the past 5 years.




Helping to support families on the South Shore of Massachusetts facing unforseen accident, illness or tragedy. We're grateful for all the support we have to be able to do this.



Businesses supporting in 2018

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