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For the second year, Wicked Good Cause is organizing the "Go Wicked Gold" for Pediatric Cancercampaign which will launch this September during pediatric cancer awareness month. This is a multi-faceted community program designed to drive awareness and raise funds for local families and for research funding for pediatric cancer -- a disease that is far from rare, yet is severely underfunded. While 43 children in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each day, only 4% of research funding is allocated to pediatric cancer research.

Last year, ten South Shore towns came together to support Go Wicked Gold.  Throughout the month of September, sports teams and schools adorned gold socks, bows, bracelets and shirts, local neighborhoods organized fundraisers with their kids and displayed over 16,000 luminary candles on a single night as we came together to Light up the South Shore for Pediatric Cancer. Through these initiatives as well as funds raised through the Falmouth Road Race, Wicked Good Cause was able to donate over $30,000 to pediatric cancer research programs and just as importantly raised awareness for this disease! 

This year, we want to take the campaign even further!  Our goal is for the entire South Shore to be going gold this September to show our solidarity for the many families in our community impacted by this disease and raise a lot of money for pediatric cancer research and local families affected by this horrible disease.  We want more towns to participate and each town to go as Wicked Gold as they can imagine! We are looking for volunteers from all of South Shore towns to join our Go Wicked Gold planning committees.  As a volunteer, you will help spread the word and promote Go Wicked Gold in your town through your neighborhoods, Newcomers clubs, schools, sports programs and local businesses.   We will provide everything you need to do this from marketing materials to share with your schools, sports leagues, and local businesses, to easy access to the gold items that Wicked Good Cause will be selling to raise money for pediatric cancer research (socks, luminary bags, etc.)

We recognize that everyone is busy, so we want to emphasize that volunteers decide what they can commit to and do - no one is expected to do any more then they can. It truly is by coming together and each doing a small part that we can make a big difference! 

#GoWickedGold For Pediatric Cancer Awareness & Research - if ever there's been a wicked good cause this is it.



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